Music Producer, Musician, Sound Engineer and Actor; TwizzMatic occupies all of theses titles. He started off as a child actor at the age of 4 appearing in magazines such as Essence, Strawbridge & Clothier and Child's Work, Child's Play.


Appearing in such commercial as Pep Boys and the opening for "The Ray Rhodes Show" by the age of 10 it was clear that TwizzMatic was an entertainer. TwizzMatic developed an ear for drums and organic sounds. At the age of 19 he attended The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio where he received his certification as a live and in studio sound engineer.


Tracks produced by TwizzMatic:

· Nas - The TwizzMatic Remixes

· Idres Elba - Private Gardens Remix

· E Ness - Live & Direct
· Mecca Star - One Step Beyond
· Hedonis - Do What I Wanna
· J Shiltz - No Competition
· Young Gliss feat. Chill Moody - Fallen

· ...and many more


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