International I. Grizzly

His name is International Grizzly (I. Grizzly). He may be a new emcee to the nation but he’s a veteran to the entertainment industry. Born in the projects of South Philadelphia, International I. Grizzly learned how to take care of himself at an early age. In the era of hot beats and punch lines I. Grizzy has the raw edge and aggressiveness of rappers from the South and West Coast.

The sound of the Philadelphia rap scene is mix of Street Soul and Hip Hop that is originated from the Philadelphia blue-collar attitude, along with the soul music that the city of brotherly love is known for. I. Grizzly is a man from the streets who has refined himself and his craft. If anyone can authenticate the true Philly Street Soul sound and bring it to the world, it’s International I. Grizzly.

Greg Jones is also a seasoned and experienced independent actor starring in a role of a street hustler named "Calvin” in the movie "The Only Way Out". That Independent Award winning performance has paved the way for Greg to take lead and star in a new movie called "Murder With A Deadly". Greg “International I.Grizzly” Jones has appeared in such movies called:

  • The Only Way to Die
  • Full Circle
  • Ice
  • Project 21
  • Gangsters Nightmare
  • Twisted Love

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